Hello, I'm Danna (artngbubu)!

I'm a 21 year-old Multimedia Arts and Design (MMA) student from the Philippines who loves to create meaningful, symbolical illustrations about human emotions, experiences, and passions.Aside from digital illustration, I also like to explore other fields such as graphic design, print/advertising design, and traditional drawing and sculpting.You can find my works through my socials below! I'm mostly active on Twitter and Instagram (and post more of my personal works there). My creative portfolio containing my more professional work, in both illustration and design, can be found in my Behance.

STATUS: OPEN (message/email to inquire!)Welcome to my commissions page! If you're interested in commissioning me, please read first my terms of service and offered illustration styles/prices below:

Terms of Service

- I have the right to turn down commission requests if I’m not comfortable with doing it.
- All commissions will be done only for personal use. You have the right to use the final illustration however you want but DO NOT profit off of it or claim it as yours (e.g. printing it and selling it off as merch). Please credit me/link my account if you post it anywhere.
- I’ll be putting a small signature on each piece but if you prefer without, please say so!
- I’ll be able to post your commission and use it for future commission promotions unless you tell me not to.
- All pieces will be done with plain/simple backgrounds only. However, minimal props or designs (sparkles/squiggly lines) can be added for an additional fee.
MODE OF PAYMENT: GCASH and PAYPALDEADLINE: A commission will take me 1-3 weeks to complete depending on the queue/complexity of the piece.PROCESS GUIDELINES:1. DM (@artngbubu) or email me ([email protected]) the idea of the piece you want me to draw. Please feel free to be as specific as possible! I highly encourage you to tell me what you want in detail and to send reference pictures.2. Once I confirm your request, we'll discuss the price. The prices on my commission sheet are base prices, which means I might charge more depending on the complexity of the piece (detailed character designs, props, complex poses, etc.).3. After confirming the price, at least 50% of payment or full payment must be sent before I start working on your request. If you haven't paid in full, the remaining amount must be paid before I send the final piece. There will be no refunds once payment has been made.4. I will be sending you WIP pictures of the piece throughout the process (sketch, colors, etc.) so that you’ll be able to check and tell me if you want anything to be changed. Keep in mind that you’ll only be able to make changes based on what stage I am already, otherwise I’ll charge additional fees (for example, if I’m in colors and you want something changed with the sketch/pose).5. Lastly, I will be sending the final piece through email or google drive, whichever you prefer!LIMITATIONS:

Will DrawWill Not Draw
Original charactersFull-on NSFW/porn
Fictional characters/fanartFurries
Characters with animal features (e.g. cat ears, tail)Mecha
IRL people & pets (send references!)Offensive/hateful content
Casual nudity 

If you have any further questions, feel free to contact me through Twitter (@artngbubu) or email me at [email protected]!

Art Styles & Pricing

- Per additional character will cost 70% of the original price
- All prices are base prices, they may increase depending on complexity of the piece
- Solid color/plain backgrounds and line designs (e.g. sparkles, squiggly lines, etc.) are free of charge
- Minimal props/objects will have an additional charge depending on the complexity
- For Art Style No. 2 (chibi style), I will not be doing nudity